DejaVuSansMono-Roman.ttf missing after update to mailgraph-1.14_2 + rrdtool-1.3.0

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri Jun 27 00:26:24 UTC 2008

Hi, all--

My beautiful mailgraph charts were missing the fonts after updating to  
mailgraph-1.14_2 + rrdtool-1.3.0, and logging:

[Thu Jun 26 19:48:34 2008] [error] [client w.x.y.z] Premature end of  
script headers: mailgraph.cgi, referer:
[Thu Jun 26 19:48:34 2008] [error] [client w.x.y.z] ERROR: failed to  
load /usr/local/share/rrdtool/fonts/DejaVuSansMono-Roman.ttf, referer:

I restored a backup copy, which works fine, but the file is no longer  
associated with any port:

# pkg_which /usr/local/share/rrdtool/fonts/DejaVuSansMono-Roman.ttf

I'm not sure whether this should belong to rrdtool port, or to  
mailgraph, but at least one of these should ensure that the fonts  
needed get installed.  If it matters, I generally compile with  
"WITHOUT_X11=true" set in /etc/make.conf...


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