FreeBSD Port: freeradius-mysql-1.1.7_3

Scott Lambert lambert at
Fri Jun 27 00:09:48 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 11:25:48PM +0200, Giovanni Venturi wrote:
> Hello,
> what is the difference between freeradius-mysql-1.1.7_3 and 
> freeradius-2.0.3_1 ? In this last one is MySQL support disabled?
> Has been released Free Radius 2.0.5 on  the 7th June. You could update the 
> port :) . Thank you from now for your reply.

Do not use the freeradius 1.x stuff, especially if this is a new
installation.  2.x is much better.  The freeradius2 port gives you the
option of adding whatever database support you desire.

Check the mailing list archives from the past week or so for why the
freeradius2 port has not yet been updated.

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