.warning directives in Makefile

Mikhail Teterin mi+mill at aldan.algebra.com
Thu Jun 26 17:15:20 UTC 2008

> But I'd like remind .warning directive pollutes stderr
Warnings are NOT pollution...
> and discouraged portupgrade which was designed to catch messages from 
> stderr and rises errors.
I'd say, the portupgrade needs fixing, if it does, indeed, choke on 
non-empty stderr without actual non-zero exit code. stderr is for 
diagnostics, and is exactly the right place for warnings...
> Now there are a few ports (ImageMagic and GhostScript*) where the 
> directive was appeared. I think the ports should be fixed to use 
> ECHO_MSG to display the warnings.
IMO, "ECHO_MSG" is hideous...


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