Issues with portmaster

Alex Dupre ale at
Sun Jun 22 06:24:27 UTC 2008

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> Firstly, I have jdk-,1 installed and this needs updating.
> portmaster has decided that doing so requires java/diablo-jdk15 to be
> installed - which is wrong because I already have a suitable jdk
> installed.

You are right, but the port has the following line:

BUILD_DEPENDS+= ${BOOTSTRAPJDKDIR}/bin/javac:${PORTSDIR}/java/diablo-jdk15

So, even if it correctly find the installed
/usr/local/jdk1.5.0/bin/javac binary, it adds the diablo dependency.
Portmaster checks all the dependencies, even if the binary file exists,
and so try to install the diablo jdk. All java ports should be fixed
regarding this issue.

Alex Dupre

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