vlc 0.8.6h failed build on FreeBSD 7.0

=?unknown-8bit?Q?Rafa=EBl_Carr=E9?= funman at videolan.org
Mon Jun 16 18:38:49 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008, Naram Qashat wrote:
> I was trying to build vlc 0.8.6h on my FreeBSD 7.0 system, trying to upgrade 
> from 0.8.6f.  It gets through most of it but stops around here:

somehow I failed to reproduce that bug on my setup

by pure curiosity do you have restrictive CFLAGS in make.conf ?

> Making all in galaktos
> gmake[5]: Entering directory 
> `/usr/ports/multimedia/vlc/work/vlc-0.8.6h/modules/visualization/galaktos'


> PCM.c:82: error: expected ')' before 'PCMdata'

this file fails to #include <inttypes.h>

I removed the previous patch which used short instead of int16_t because I failed to understand what was its purpose.

I will open a PR with a patch shortly.

In the meantime you can:

cd /usr/ports/multimedia/vlc
make patch
vi work/vlc-0.8.6h/modules/visualization/galaktos/PCM.c
i#include <inttypes.h>
make all deinstall reinstall clean

Thanks for the report

Rafaël Carré

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