linux-flashplugin9 Restricted?

Derek Graham derek.graham at
Tue Jun 3 02:02:43 UTC 2008

on Monday 02 June 2008Monday 02 June 2008 Sam Fourman Jr. "Sam Fourman Jr." 
<sfourman at> wrote:

> > AFAIK Flash9 relies on the Linux 2.6 kernel, and so wont run on
> > FreeBSDs default of 2.4. I've not tried it, but I think people have said
> > it can be made to run with 2.6 emulation.
> If someone reading this has time,motivation, and the know how could they
> please look into getting flash 9 on FreeBSD 7 Stable to work.
> I have not tried it, but I have heard that liniux 2.6 emulation does not
> magically make flash9 work.
> I am just a FreeBSD user, and as of yet I do not have the know how to look
> into this.
> Flash 9 is badly needed for desktop users. for what it is worth, I can not
> even browse a major bank's website in FreeBSD
> Thank you
> Sam Fourman Jr.
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I agree, flash 9 is important and increasingly becoming a tool needed for 
everyday internet life. I am not a coder, I have coded a lil here and there 
long time ago but this is a project for someone with the know how to do it 
right :)


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