FreeBSD Port: nvidia-driver-169.07

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Fri Feb 29 18:37:38 UTC 2008

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Brodey Dover wrote:
> So I'm reading your response and thinking, okay I'll do this tomorrow.
> But then you mentioned, "that is not your error...but." I can program,
> what the hey, let's look at the error and see what is up....well I made
> the following changes to nv_freebsd.h lines 337 and 338
> /
> S032   nv_os_agp_init        (nv_state_t *, void **, U032 *);
> S032   nv_os_agp_teardown    (nv_state_t *);
> /to
> /S032   nv_os_agp_init        (*nv_stack_t *sp*, nv_state_t *, void **,
> U032 *);
> S032   nv_os_agp_teardown    (*nv_stack_t *sp*, nv_state_t *);
> /I then got a stop because ../../graphics/libGL was already installed,
> feeling redundancy kicking in I decided to give in for a "registered"
> install of the nvidia-drivers, I deinstalled libGL and fired up make
> install from nvidia-driver directory again. After that, the driver
> successfully installed itself and I'm a happy happy camper.
> I am running FreeBSD6.3/i386- RELEASE.

Sounds good to me.  I forgot, myself, that I needed to set a X11BASE
variable in the sources to get it to install things right.  I'd just
_assumed_ you'd seen that too, what a silly thing for me to do!

> Regards,
> Brodey Dover
> See you all at BSDCan ;).

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