www/mediawiki: PostgreSQL "non functional" - why? + texvc + dependencies

Nikola Lečić nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net
Mon Feb 11 21:53:59 UTC 2008

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Hello Gerrit, hello all,

I have four comments/proposals regarding the Mediawiki port.

1) PostgreSQL support is unnecessarily marked as "non functional".

     PGSQL "Use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL (not funtional)" off

   However, Mediawiki works flawlessly with PostgreSQL, I have a working
   installation (FreeBSD-6.3/amd64, PostgreSQL-8.2). Port always
   downloads and installs MySQL while no component of MySQL is needed.

2) The port doesn't (optionally) compile texvc from math/.

   This application must be compiled if one wants built-in TeX rendering
   support; this is compilable part of the source and goes to
   /usr/local/www/. It calls for lang/ocaml(-notk) among BUILD_DEPENDS
   and print/teTeX (or some smaller subset of packages) in RUN_DEPENDS.

3) There are some built-in functionalities (not some sort of plugin
   options) that are enabled by default during Mediawiki installation.
   Therefore the following ports should be IMHO added as dependencies:

   a) at least one of - www/pecl-APC
                      - www/eaccelerator
                      - databases/memcached
                      - www/cache
      for caching support;
   b) graphics/ImageMagick for basic image handling support.

4) The Mediawiki manual suggests *not* to install source directly in
   the server root.

   IMHO, the port should optionally support installation to a *real*
   server root subdir, which is difficult to achieve if files always
   go to /usr/local/www/mediawiki/ directly. This is the recommended
   method in Mediawiki manual:


I'd like to know if the maintainer and Ports' people consider these
suggestions to be reasonable.

Best wishes.
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