Request for comments: revamped `devel/subversion' with true bindings sub-ports (not mere `set option and build everything' like now)

Ade Lovett ade at
Mon Feb 4 14:59:53 PST 2008

On Feb 03, 2008, at 01:10 , Lev Serebryakov wrote:

> Hello, freebsd-ports.
>  I've revamped `devel/subversion*' ports (and add
> `devel/subversion-java') to support building all four bindings (Perl,
> python, ruby, javahl) with installed libraries. So, all binding ports
> really build bindings and depends on `devel/subversion'.

Good work!

However (there's always a however :) - would it be possible to further  
extend this to subversion-client and subversion-server (the latter  
having all the web stuff, and the former just having the basic clients).

As things stand right now, when rolling out localized package sets for  
large numbers of machines, you have to go through all kinds of hoops  
in order to not have apache (or whatever) on every machine that needs  

Compare this, for example, with postgresql*-{client,server}, mysql*- 
{client,server}, openldap*-{client,server}, where it's only necessary  
to have the server portions on those boxes that, well, run the  
servers, with *-client being installed everywhere.


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