Parallelized Port Upgrade Tool Announcement

Yoshihiro Ota ota at
Fri Feb 1 03:19:10 PST 2008

Dear Multi-core Computer Users:

Ports+ is the first and the only port upgrading tool to fetch, configure,
compile, and install packages via ports in parallel.
There are some tools that allows downloading archives in parallel.
However, none of others builds, nor installs packages in concurrent fashion,
despite its high demand.

This is an announcement of the first stable ports+ tool for these who wants
to utilize all CPUs, disk actives, and network bandwidth at maximum.

Indeed, I asked some inputs on this list about a half year ago.
Thank you for the feedbacks.  Now, ports+ has its front-end,
fixed number of bugs, and more polished.

The purpose of Ports+ is not a complete solution but rather co-existence
with others tools such as portupgrade.  Ports+ provides speed at cost of
user interaction.  That is like a car is a better vehicle than an airplane
for daily life.  However, you would like to take an airplane for a long trip.
You won't drive from New York to California for a Thanksgiving weekend.
You have big steps with ports+ and adjust small pieces with like portupgrade.

More reading materials are available via following links.

The Ports+ Project Design and Goal

The Ports+ Architecture/Implementation

Daily Ports+

Feedbacks are welcome.


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