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ro> Hi!
ro> There have been numerous mails about adding ports for TeXLive to FreeBSD
ro> [1,2,3,4], unfortunately, nothing is available so far.
ro> Since I really think TeXLive can be a plus for FreeBSD, and because I
ro> use TeXLive on another system, I started another effort to bring it to
ro> the ports tree.  In order to avoid loosing everything if I run out of
ro> time, I created a Google code project for working:
ro> http://code.google.com/p/freebsd-texlive/
ro> Currently, I have all TeXLive binaries compiling from source
ro> (installation is still not perfect though) and quite a precise idea of
ro> how all TeXLive distfiles are organised and how to build FreeBSD ports
ro> from the metadata they enclose (refer to the project's wiki for details,
ro> I am trying to dump all there [5]).
ro> I am now facing the problem of the organisation of the ports to create.
ro> The freebsd-ports archives reveal some interesting points:

 I am the one who were saying the porting was going, and sorry for
 being out of touch with public lists, but the points include not only
 how to import them to our ports tree but also how to integrate them
 with the large number of ports depending TeX.  The reasons why I
 could not import them so far are: 1) some remaining issues could not
 be solved until the last month and 2) I need to wait for the recent
 releases being rolled out (much-delayed, as you know).

 I have three sort of experimental ports of texlive now; the first is
 a large one, the second is completely-modularized one, and the last
 is a combination of modularized binaries and macro part in a few
 ports with scripts to interface CTAN between the installed macros.
 Considering migration from teTeX, I am planning to commit a part of
 1) just after 7.1R is rolled out, then break them, and finally form
 them into 3).  This integration involves many other ports which
 depend on TeX, and probably the new category named "tex".  Also, we
 are using TeX in our documentation infrastructure, so updating the
 related ports are very sensitive.  I think discussion of the
 organization in the ports tree would be a good thing, but please also
 consider this factor; for example, if we are not able to make JadeTeX
 work as before we need to solve the issue first, and we have solve
 the current situation that we have print/tex independent from the old
 teTeX, which often confuses the users.  Anyway, I think major
 technical issues (functionality, compatibility, and so on) are solved
 now while a large change is needed to TeX-related ports in the
 current ports tree.  And I think unless we are sure that these points
 and long-standing complaints which exist from the teTeX era can be
 solved, it should not be imported.

 Again, please accept my sincere apologies for your inconvenience of
 missing TeXLive in FreeBSD for a long time.  I do not want to make
 others do duplicated work and conflict with other efforts, but at the
 same time I have no right to bothering your effort.  This is my
 comment at this moment as one of people who are involved.

| Hiroki SATO
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