firefox 3 causing xorg to suck up all available CPU

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Fri Aug 1 17:28:20 UTC 2008

On Fri, 01 Aug 2008 02:10:04 -0500, Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:

> I installed firefox 3 from ports in the pre-release phase (via  
> marcusmerge) and rebuilt it as needed to keep it current with the port  
> after it was committed. I have since noticed that if I start firefox 3  
> and keep it open (whether I am using it, or I have it minimized) that it  
> will eventually cause Xorg to consume all available CPU. If I kill ff3  
> it will sometimes allow X to recover, otherwise I have to completely  
> exit X and restart to get it back to normal.
> I have since re-installed firefox 2 in order to confirm that things work  
> properly with it open, and all is well, so it pretty much has to be ff3  
> that is the culprit.
> Anyone else seeing this?

What's version of FreeBSD? I have seen similar report with your in  
freebsd-gnome@ and only happen in -CURRENT, but when rebuild all apps then  
the problem is gone. Right now, we have Firefox 3.0.1 in ports tree.

BTW: Don't use marcusmerge anymore, unless you want to be a beta test  
again in MC. ;-) In MC ports-stable, I am working on add USE_WEBPLUGINS  
and I would say about less than 20 ports left that need to be add.


> Doug

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