FreeBSD Port: xmlada-gcc-5.0.4_1

Sébastien Morand seb.morand at
Sun Apr 27 22:01:29 UTC 2008


I'm a user of Ada, and I wanted to install AWS on my computer. First, thanks for 
the work you did under freebsd.

I successfully installed AWS but I had to patch xmlada-gcc to do that.
- I force it to require gcc43
- I force patches some source with errors (3 files actually)

Atherwards, patching 4 files in AWS 2.3.0 I was able to install it.

I thinks it's not a hard job, and maybe prodiding a xmlada-gcc43 plus aws port 
could be a good thing since it's not a hard job I did.

Hope this can help, if you want more information about the files I patched, I 
can provide them.


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