Recent ImageMagick change breaks some configure scripts

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Mon Apr 21 17:33:53 UTC 2008

> the move of the place where the include directories are put breaks  
> some configure scripts. Namely those which only have the possibility  
> to specify the install prefix of the ImageMagick port. Those scripts  
> will take install_location/include and install_location/lib  
> automatically. This change now requires changes to such ports.

> As I'm in the process of porting some software which depends upon  
> ImageMagick, I downgraded for the moment to the previous version of  
> ImageMagick to be able to work further on porting the software. Please  
> check if this change is really needed, as it's more easy to change the  
> ImageMagick port than to fix each port which depends upon ImageMagick.

Not easily -- the ImageMagick developers want it this way now, and
continuing to patch it for the old way will be difficult.

It will also make it harder to use GraphicsMagick (which I recommend
strongly) in ImageMagick's stead.

The simple fact of the matter is, unfortunately, that ImageMagick
crew simply DO NOT CARE for the backward compatibility issues. They
change the APIs routinely and even arguments for their command-line
utilities change from version to version without much regard...

GraphicsMagick split away for this reasons. Yours,


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