FBSD 7, Gnome2-lite port broken

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at comcen.com.au
Sat Apr 19 19:18:05 UTC 2008

I've tried checking as far as my knowledge will allow the reason for
this error, but its got me beat. I was installing the above port, and
the config screen came up for one of its dependencies surrounding
ghostscript I believe where it said "don't be stingy on the options
selected as another port might need it later". So I checked them all as
I probably will need them all at some point in the future. Also to note
here there was a majority already selected to begin with.

Unfortunately, I can't find that screen again to uncheck some options,
and I think its ghostscript-gpl which is failing. It errors on not
finding vga.h and lvga.h files. So I installed all src's from
sysinstall, but NG.

I think I have to ways to solve this: find the vga files it wants, or
find that screen again and uncheck those options. The former seems like
the responsible thing to do (if it can be resolved), but I'll settle for
the latter if I have to. Unless, of course, I can be of some help to the
list in this issue...

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