FreeBSD Port: aub-2.2

David.Roger david.roger at
Wed Apr 2 19:36:10 UTC 2008


I have been a user of AUB for years. Just installed FreeBSD 7.0 - AUB 
fails to connect to NNTP Server. Runs okay on 6.3 machine - same 
version of AUB 2.2..

at line 1494 is:
   local($packing_template) = "S n a4 x8";

at line 1518 is:
   $them = pack($packing_template, AF_INET, $port, $theiraddr);

This caused the problem because AF_INET is being set to a specific value.

Reference O'Reilly Programming Perl, 2nd Edition, Page 348/349 - 
using their example
code (page 349) to test both 6.3 & 7.0 - example worked on both ( I 
changed the 'localhost' to my news server, and port to 119.

I commented out line 1518 and added the following:
   $them = sockaddr_in($port, $theiraddr);

I tested this on 6.3 and 7.0 - all okay now....

Hope this helps...

Dave Roger
Ramona, CA

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