latest firefox. linux-flashplugin and nspluginwrapper don't want to work together.

eculp at eculp at
Wed Sep 26 04:14:48 PDT 2007

Quoting eculp at

> I upgraded firefox, the  linux-flashplugin and reinstalled  
> nspluginwrapper, just in case;)
> firefox-,1
> linux-flashplugin-7.0r70
> nspluginwrapper-
> The plugins are recognized in firefox wih about:plugins but no  
> longer work.  They have been working nicely for several months now.   
> I guess I should rollback something.

More info:
   - Box with issue:
       6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #372: Mon Sep 24 05:41:04 CDT 2007
   - On Linux-opera I get sound but no flash movie.
   - I tried it on a 7.0 current box and it worked.  So maybe it is
     time to quite procrastinating and upgrade ;)
   - I would still love to hear a Flash9 success story.

> The flashplugin doesn't work with linux-firefox- either.  I  
> don't know if it did before or not but seem to remember that it did.
> Also, I would really like to know if anyone has flash9 working with  
> somewhat reasonable stability and sound or a way to make the  
> server-side think that flash7 is flash8 or above?  There are more  
> and more sites asking for flash8+ and very few that won't work with  
> flash7.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> ed

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