ports system and umask

martinko gamato at users.sf.net
Sat Sep 1 06:54:56 PDT 2007

Marcus Reid wrote:
> Hi,
> I had my umask set to 007 and installed some ports, and it broke a
> lot of things.  Some ports seem to install files with correct permissions,
> while others install files with the default umask.  Worse, one port
> even changed the perms on /usr/local/lib to 770, which made my system
> unusable until I booted into single and fixed it.
> Should the ports system check for this and correct the umask before
> installing files with bad permissions?
> Thanks,
> Marcus


We have similar problems here -- default umask is set to 027 and 
therefore one needs to always remember changing it to 022 prior 
installing any ports or packages.
Been bitten many times because of this. :-\


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