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Tue Nov 20 13:12:30 PST 2007

Le Lun 19 nov 07 à  7:28:48 +0100, Thierry Thomas <thierry at>
 écrivait :
> Le Lun 19 nov 07 à  3:56:50 +0100, Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at>
>  écrivait :
> > Is anyone working on this?  If not, would you guys be kind enough to 
> > make my patch more proper?
> I'm working on a patch to upgrade it to the latest STLport-5.1.4 (from
> <> ).

If you want to test it, my patch is available at

It does not seem bad on i386, but there is a problem on amd64: it builds
and installs fine, but the regression tests eat all the memory! (If no
solution is found, I shall mark it broken on != i386).

Th. Thomas.
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