qmail-scanner - Makefile - QS_NOTIFY not handled correctly?

Rainer Schwarze rsc at admadic.de
Thu Nov 8 19:25:06 PST 2007


while trying to configure qmail-scanner, I ran across a few problems.
I'm a newbie for FreeBSD so I'd like to ask a few questions before
filing PRs etc :-) So here we go:

There is an option QS_NOTIFY in the Makefile which is handled ".if
!defined(..." however, the case when it *is* defined is not there and
thus specifying for instance QS_NOTIFY="admin" has no effect.

If someone (who does FreeBSD for longer time than me) could look at the
Makefile of qmail-scanner and confirm, that QS_NOTIFY is not passed
along to the configure script, I would go ahead and try to create a fix
and submit a PR.

( quick link to the Makefile:

Thanks and best wishes, Rainer

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