Upgrade Xorg or Upgrade to Freebsd 6.2 first??

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Thu May 31 17:57:43 UTC 2007

David Southwell <david at vizion2000.net> wrote:

> merits /demerits of alternatives:
> Currently Running freebsd 6.1 and given the need to upgrade to 6.2.
> Is there any advantage in upgrading the system to 6.2 before upgrading
> Xorg or should I do it the other way round.

Upgrading to 6.2 first makes sure the configure
scripts for the ports can detect all the functions
that are available in 6.2. Some of them might not
be available in 6.1, so you wouldn't use them with
6.1 binaries on a 6.2 system, even if you could.

It might not be a big deal, but in the worst case
you just don't gain anything by upgrading FreeBSD
first. I don't see any advantage of upgrading Xorg

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