Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Fri May 25 19:01:56 UTC 2007

Duane Hill writes:

>  On Fri, 25 May 2007, bill at rakupottery.org.uk wrote:
>  > portupgrade -a fails on math/p5-Math-BigInt-1.81 unable to get distfile,
>  > any alternative locations
>  How recent is your ports tree? I had problems too and the version
>  I have is p5-Math-BigInt-1.83. I just grabbed the
>  Math-BigInt-1.83.tar.gz from another server here and copied it to
>  /usr/ports/distfiles.

	I updatd again about 09:00 Z-5 and got 1.84.  Worked like a

					Robert Huff

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