HEADS UP: xorg 7.2 ready for testing

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Sun May 20 00:37:25 UTC 2007

[Picking a random posting]

For the past 4 days, you have been making a variety of "doing X broke
Y" comments in a variety of threads without ever providing sufficient
information to allow someone else to make a sensible response.  The
posting I am replying to is no different.

On 2007-May-19 16:18:08 -0700, KAYVEN RIESE <kayve at sfsu.edu> wrote:
> i don't know exactly what x11-toolkits are for

x11-toolkits are a collection of X Window System based development toolkits

> but i know they
> were causing me problems.

The closest I can find to any details on this is your posting of
17 May 2007 12:05:07 -0700 where you post an extract of gtk20
failing to configure.  Did you follow the instructions that you
copied into that posting?

>  i do know i use GIMP and want to ask
> if this means GIMP is not going to be supported by xorg 7.2

It works OK for me.  The gimp upgrade on 4th April means that some
additional steps are necessary to upgrade gimp if you have not
already upgraded it.  This means that the xorg 'portupgrade -a'
will probably fail to automatically upgrade gimp.

> if
> it is not, is there an alternative jpeg editing program in its
> place?

I suggest you browse http://www.freebsd.org/ports/graphics.html

Peter Jeremy
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