FreeBSD Port: firebird-server-2.0.1

Marc Muncke m.muncke at
Sun May 13 16:41:15 UTC 2007


I just wanted to inform you what problems I got installing latest relese 
of firebird on my FreeBSD 6.2
I use Firebird as a backend DB for a PHP 5.2.2 webapplication.

1. First I installed the latest firebird-server-2.0.1.tbz production 
release from freeBSD ports server with pkg_add. Everything worked fine 
excetpt I did not find how to .configure php --with-interbase=PATH 
because there were no libs an includes installed (or I did not find them)

2. That is why I downloaded and installed the production 
FirebirdCS- release from .
It also worked fine except when I ran my webapplication I found out that 
fb_inet_server was hanging after one or two queries.
fb_lock_mgr and on fb_inet_server were in state "semwai" in top.
I tried to change semaphores parameters like :
but it did not help.

3. So I uninstalled everything again and installed the firebird2-server 
that was RELEASECANDIDATE4 that came with the ports collection in 6.2
Now my webapp is running fine but there is another problem :
-> service_mgr had a wrong name in that relese I think....
(I do not need it currently..)

Now at least my webapp is running smoothly.

Maybe you are interested in this. especially point 2 should be a concern 
for the next port build ?
Another nice to have is include and lib in the Path for the build of php.

Thank you

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