170kB patch - how to handle?

Sam Lawrance boris at brooknet.com.au
Fri Mar 30 03:46:53 UTC 2007

On 30/03/2007, at 12:19 PM, Bartosz Fabianowski wrote:

> Good day
> I would like to improve the audio/libvorbis port by optionally  
> patching in the aoTuV psychoacoustics, which are considered to be  
> superior to stock libvorbis. However, the patch file that does this  
> is ~170kB in size. I am wondering whether it is OK to put such a  
> large file directly into the ports tree or if it should be  
> downloaded as a distfile by each user. Is there any guideline on  
> which would be the correct method? I would hate for my suggestion  
> to be rejected by the port's maintainer due to me getting a  
> formality like this wrong.

I think it's better to keep something like this on ftp or http due to  
its size and the fact that most people probably won't turn on that  
option.  You can use PATCH_SITES and PATCHFILES in combination with a  
new port knob to automatically download and apply the patches.

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