broken port!

jre jre at
Tue Mar 27 21:52:54 UTC 2007


The last two releases of FreeBSD include this port, and, once built, 
constantly complains about no working P: lines, despite valid 
configuration files from previous (and current) versions which *do* work 
on other operating systems (OpenBSD) and older FreeBSD distributions.

When inquiries were made to the various support irc networks and freebsd 
channels, the generic response was "use something more maintained like 
ratbox or bahamut." While this ended up being our solution, it probably 
doesn't look to cool to have broken ports in the default FreeBSD tree, 
so I decided to send this message to the port maintainer.

*irc- <>*
    The "Internet Relay Chat" Server
    Long description
    <> |
    | Sources <>
    /Maintained by:/ ports at <mailto:ports at>
    /Also listed in:/ Ipv6

  Port description for irc/irc


Irc is a functional replacement for and improvement to talk(1).  Talk
is an old, primitive, atrocious, minimalist sort of keyboard/screen
conversation tool, using a grotesque, machine-dependent protocol.
Irc does everything talk does, but with a better protocol, allowing
more than 2 users to talk at once, with access across the aggregate
Internet, and providing a whole raft of other useful features.

Thank you much,

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