INDEX build failed for 5.x

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Mon Mar 26 21:41:29 UTC 2007

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-5 - please wait..pkg_info: not found
pkg_info: not found
py24-pdb-0.1: "/local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports/net/pcs" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete
===> net/pdb failed
*** Error code 1
*** Error code 1

Stop in /local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /local0/tmp/erwin/tindex/ports.
1 error

Committers on the hook:
arved edwin ehaupt garga leeym lofi marcus mat mezz miwi tg thierry tmclaugh tobez 

Most recent CVS update was:
U audio/xmms-ahx/Makefile
U deskutils/notification-daemon/Makefile
U devel/libnotify/Makefile
U devel/p5-DateTime-TimeZone/Makefile
U devel/p5-DateTime-TimeZone/distinfo
U devel/p5-DateTime-TimeZone/pkg-plist
U devel/p5-Test-File-Contents/Makefile
U devel/p5-Test-File-Contents/distinfo
U games/awele/Makefile
U graphics/inkscape/Makefile
U graphics/inkscape/pkg-plist
U irc/xchat/Makefile
U lang/tclX/Makefile
U lang/tclX/files/patch-af
U lang/tclX/files/patch-configure
U math/convertall/Makefile
U net/Makefile
U net/py-pcs/Makefile
U net/py-pcs/distinfo
U net/py-pcs/pkg-descr
U net/py-pcs/pkg-plist
U net-p2p/deluge/Makefile
U security/cksfv/Makefile
U security/cksfv/distinfo
U sysutils/tmpreaper/Makefile
U sysutils/tmpreaper/distinfo
U sysutils/tracker/Makefile
U textproc/p5-Text-Graphics/Makefile
U textproc/p5-Text-Graphics/pkg-plist
U www/flock/Makefile
U x11/libgnomekbd/Makefile
U x11/oooqs2/Makefile
U x11/oooqs2/distinfo
U x11/oooqs2/pkg-descr
U x11/oooqs2/pkg-plist
U x11/oooqs2/files/patch-configure
U x11-fonts/libXft/Makefile
U x11-themes/gtk-engines2/Makefile
U x11-toolkits/guile-gnome/Makefile
U x11-toolkits/libzvt/Makefile

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