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Freddie Cash fcash at
Wed Mar 21 16:13:44 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 20 March 2007 06:47 pm, Sticky Bit wrote:
> first let me thank you for developing such a nice tool! After so long
> time using portupgrade I gave portmaster a chance to convince me in
> daily usage. Now I am very happy with this decision and I begin to
> really like portmaster.
> One feature I would like to see implemented is a switch 'list only
> ports that have available updates'. I want to know all affected ports
> in summary before the builds so I am able to make decisions (i.e.
> 'portmaster -a' or just 'portmaster port', and think of the
> 'devel/gettext' update or other huge / long builds like gnome / gtk+
> etc.).
> I am aware of the '-L' switch and the possibility to grep such ports.
> But this is a bit odd and not very likable. I want a similar output
> like 'portversion -vL=', i.e. port name along with old and new version
> numbering but only for ports with a different version available than
> installed (can also be an older version, think of a manually modified
> ports tree).
> Could you please add this small feature? Then I am actually able to do
> without portupgrade and its other tools.

Use the right tool for the job:  pkg_version.  :)

What you want is:  pkg_version -vl '<'

That will list all the installed apps that have updates available in the 
ports tree.  Combine that with a little work using "pkg_info -rx appname" 
and "pkg_info -Rx appname" to see dependencies, and you can determine how 
to call portmaster.

Read the man pages for pkg_info, pkg_add, pkg_version, and pkg_delete, to 
see all the things you can do with the ports/packages system.  Those, 
combined with portmaster, make for an excellent little ports toolkit.

Freddie Cash
fcash at

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