Pushing for default jdk / jre to become java/diablo-j{dk,re}

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Sat Mar 17 22:05:50 UTC 2007

Gary Kline writes:

>  > 	I was just wondering if there was any way where we -- as a
>  > group -- could push to make the default jdk / jre the diablo
>  > packaged versions because frankly I don't want a system to assume
>  > that I want to compile the 1.5 jdk / jre from scratch by first
>  > installing the linux v1.4.2 of the jdk, and having to go through
>  > the long and arduous process of compiling java, for little or no
>  > benefit (the only benefit would be for different architectures
>  > that aren't available in diablo-jdk/-jre, like sparc, powerpc).
>  	I agree++, but whom do we ``push''?  AFAIK, we [FreeBSD users]
>  	are pretty much a collection of volunteers albeit with some
>  	$$$ contribs.  Do we have a (barf) "Decider"!?

	Let me suggest there be no "pushing".  Bad organizational
	There are two groups of people involved, both of which would
welcome a calm, well-considered proposition on this matter
(especially if it came with extra hands to do the work):

	a) the folks who /provide/ Java(tm) in its various forms.
	   These can be found on the java@ mailing list.
	b) the maintainers+committers of the ports that /use/ Java.
	   There are rather more of these:

		huff@>> grep jdk /usr/ports/INDEX-7 | wc
			426   16402  311797

	(For the record, I'm a member of neither.)
	Were I in your shoes, I'd start by _asking_ the folks on java@
why what you propose in not already the case.
	No, I take that back: I'd start bu searching the (mailing list)
archives to see if this idea has surfaced before.

				Robert Huff

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