Moving applications from <sgtty.h> to <termios.h>

Ed Schouten ed at
Sat Mar 17 13:02:10 UTC 2007


* Ed Schouten <ed at> wrote:
> Last year Kris made a list of applications that still make use of
> <sgtty.h>:

I took a look at all the ports in the list, except the internationalized
ones (Japanese, etc). Below is a complete list of PR's that I have
opened in the last days:

- ports/110354: irc/party
- ports/110356: irc/blackened
- ports/110358: net/freewais-sf
- ports/110360: misc/heyu
- ports/110361: games/jzip
- ports/110363: ports-mgmt/portmanager
- ports/110378: misc/heyu2
- ports/110384: textproc/ispell
- ports/110386: net/openldap*
- ports/110434: editors/aee
- ports/110435: mail/metamail
- ports/110439: cad/spice
- ports/110440: cad/cider
- ports/110443: astro/ephem
- ports/110444: devel/xxgdb

Almost all non-internationalized ports should now work without
COMPAT_43TTY. Some ports still include <sgtty.h>, but don't use it
anyway (kdenetwork3, gtar, etc). There are some ports, however, that I
didn't port because they were too big, used flags that aren't present in
termios, looked like they were written by a bunch of monkeys, didn't run
on my architecture, etc., etc.:

- cad/magic
- databases/grass
- editors/em
- emulators/dlx
- games/freebsd-games
- games/tads
- mail/xmail
- math/gap
- misc/fep
- misc/mshell
- net-mgmt/annextools
- net/pmf
- net/rmsg
- net/ztelnet

When all the PR's are closed, I guess most people can live without
COMPAT_43TTY as well. Maybe we should add a permanent #warning to
<sgtty.h> to warn people that they shouldn't use it and that it depends

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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