FW: [Richard Stallman] Emacs 22.1 released

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at be-well.ilk.org
Mon Jun 4 14:45:29 UTC 2007

Gabor Kovesdan <gabor at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> Giorgos Keramidas escribió:
>> Should we keep the editors/emacs-devel port, update it to Emacs 22.1 and
>> allow for some time of 'settling in' before we switch editors/emacs to
>> the 22.1 version?
> It depends on the specific situation and the decision of the
> maintainer(s). If it makes sense to have the next devel snapshot, it
> is ok to keep both ports. (And if the release cycle is such long for
> emacs I think it does make sense.)

I had to read that a few times before I was sure I understood it,
but now that I've done so, I think it's obviously correct. ;-)
The fact that the emacs and emacs-devel ports have different
maintainers may call for a little more coordination than usual, but
as keramida@ suggested, there's no reason to make the big moves yet.

>> If we do the repo-move, what is the process of making sure all the Ports
>> which depend on editors/emacs21 keep working, and how do we handle ports
>> which use editors/emacs (emacs22 by then)?
> You should just edit the dependencies of the individual ports to use
> the correct port to depend on. I don't have too much emacs knowledge,
> thus I don't know how to decide in each case, which one to depend on,
> but if possible, we usually use the latest stable version as a
> dependency. If all dependants work with emacs 22, then probably, you
> won't have to change them to emacs21, just upgrade emacs.
>> With these questions in mind, I will be glad and grateful for any
>> insight you can offer, so that we can handle the transition to Emacs
>> 22.1 as smoothly as possible, and with the least amount of problems for
>> our end-users :-)

There aren't really many ports that depend directly on emacs, and
most of them will work on the new version fine.  Of course, testing
is trickier than most updates, because you can't depend on building
and starting the program as an indication that the dependency has
been filled properly (because most of the ports are LISP that only
gets exercised when actually executed).

"leim" ports may be more of an issue...

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