FreeBSD Port: ntop-3.3

Marek.Podmokly at Marek.Podmokly at
Thu Aug 30 05:35:54 PDT 2007

I'm using ntop 3.3 with FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE , I use it mostely to monitor 
netflow flows from cisco routers. After a few seconds ntop stops answering 
and the browser is  in the state "waiting". 
This repeats all the time. Where is the problem and what can I do to make 
ntop more useful for me ? 
>From console I receive such errors : 
Thu Aug 30 12:50:51 2007  **ERROR** releaseMutex() failed (rc=1) 
[t166803968 m0x2821b8cc, @util.c:2279] 
Thu Aug 30 12:50:51 2007  **ERROR** accessMutex() call '_lookupHost' 
failed (rc=11) [0x2821b8cc at hash.c:812] 

I wrote this to the author Luca Deri and he answered to me that this 
problem should be fixed on SVN by now.
How can I do it on my FreeBSD ?

Marek Podmokły

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