FreeBSD Port: net/xmlrpc-c update please?

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Aug 16 05:57:47 PDT 2007

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri wrote:
> I hope you are doing well today.

Yes, I am, thanks. Maybe my first message sounded a bit harsh (apologies
if it did). All I wanted to do is to encourage you to try and update the
port on your own.

> I wish I'm a coder to be able to do it, and enhance FreeBSD ports :)


Quick start guide:

1.) Create a copy of the original port directory
2.) In Makefile, set PORTVERSION to the latest version, remove
3.) run make makesum to update distinfo
4.) Try to build the port
5.) Check it's plist (list of installed files):
    make package PREFIX=/tmp/pref (must not complain about missing files)
    pkg_delete the_pkg
    find /tmp/pref -type f (must not report any remaining files)
    check /tmp/pref for new directories (not likely when you update a port)
6.) diff -ruN portdir.orig port > the.patch
7.) run portlint -A on your port and try to fix the warnings it emits (you
    can ignore warnings the apply to new ports only).
8.) Submit the.patch via send-pr

If you are lucky, step 4.) goes well immediately, and you need no
programming experience at all to update the port.

Again, if you have questions, refer to the material from my first email,
or ask this mailing list.

Certainly, your first port update will take some time, but after all,
it's fun to do it, isn't it? ;-)

Best regards / Viele Grüße,                             barner at
 Simon Barner                                                barner at
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