How did upgrading applications happen before portupgrade etc?

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>> > Actually having dependencies package version mismatches needn't
>> > cause any significant problems.
>> It does cause problems. You have no +REQUIRED_BY file anymore, so
>> pkg_delete allows you to remove it without a warning even if it is
>> still needed.
> I didn't say it doesn't, I said it needn't. When I have to remove a

It will. No doubts about this, sorry. It may be ok for some hobbyist  
installation, but in the generic case you want to do it right (and the  
OP asked for the generic case which includes production quality ports  

> package manually as part of an upgrade, I use "pkg_delete -f", so it
> doesn't matter. When I prune ports I use "portmanager -slid" which

It's not about removing a port when updating. It's about correct leaf  
ports detection which may be necessary from time to time. On a busy  
(as in "ports are (de-)installed often") system this may be needed  
more often than on a idle system.

> doesn't rely on +REQUIRED_BY, and provides additional protection against
> build-dependency deletion which you don't get from pkg_delete.

portmanager ist very recent, it is even not as old as portupgrade. So  
a discussion about what you do with current tools does not fit to the  
topic of the original question which started this thread.

Sidenote: I also don't see a benefit when pruning to keep the obscure  
build dependencies of a port you don't want anymore. "In the good old  
days"(TM) you searched for ports without a +REQUYIRED_BY field. Those  
are the leaf ports. And then you used your brain to decide what to  
remove or not. What we didn't had was an easy procedure for pruning  
old distfiles. I was excited when I discovered this feature in  


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