packaging mod_python

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Thu Aug 9 05:20:00 PDT 2007

On 8/9/07, Alexey Rubtsov <arubtsov at> wrote:
>    I try to install mod_pyhon3 from ports and was some saddened.
> The port was installed correctly but name for package is "mod_python".
>    It makes the problem if i try to create packages "mod_python" for
> different apache versions(for example apache20 and apache22). This
> packages was created with the same name.
>    So impossible to create local repository of packages with all packages
> what i need.
> Decide:
>    Add PKGNAMESUFFX into Makefile of port like this for example:
> .if (${APACHE_PORT} == "www/apache22")
> .elif (${APACHE_PORT} == "www/apache20")
> .endif
> This problem exists in mod_jk2 and mod_perl.
> Possibly somethere else...

The best place to put this would be in Mk/, it would then
get applied to all the mod_* ports.  Instead of using PKGNAMESUFFIX,
it should be changed to PKGNAMEPREFIX, as we currently have a
preference for this (i.e py-24-*, py25-*, qt3-*, qt4-*, p5-*,

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