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On Wednesday 01 August 2007, Andrew Pantyukhin said:
> On 7/20/07, Jonathan Horne <freebsd at> wrote:
> > On Friday 20 July 2007 08:36:38 Jonathan Horne wrote:
> > > i am trying to setup mail/horde on a test box,
> > > but so far i am not having much success.  can
> > > anyone direct me to a place where i might find
> > > tips or documentation for setting up the *current*
> > > port version of horde?
> >
> > sorry, i meant to say "www/horde-meta".
> Why don't you try to contact its maintainer (cc'ed)?
> Good luck!

Horde is a base framework and a series of modules that perform various 
functions. You can install one or all of them. horde-meta is the 
FreeBSD version of horde's bundles like "webmail edition" except you 
can choose what to install. The base and individual modules docs are 
installed in /usr/local/share/docs/horde. There is extensive 
documentation on setup and the individual modules at and you will also find a wiki and mailing lists. 

Horde was designed to be versatile and able to run on any webserver 
that will support php either directly or with fastcgi, that said it 
seems a bit daunting to set up. I can assure you it really isn't that 
bad, but does require some user configuration to work. This is well 
documented, both in the docs and on their site. 

Good luck  with your install and feel free to ask any specific 
questions you may have.

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