does not build on amd64 with 6.1

Oliver Lehmann oliver at
Tue Oct 31 09:15:52 UTC 2006

Vasil Dimov writes: 

>> is clearly truncated and is also precisely 128 characters long. While your 
>> NFS mount point "/mnt/files/" adds only 11 characters to the file name, 
>> this may be enough to overflow a fixed 128 character buffer used by the 
>> idlc. Try mounting the NFS file system at say "/mnt" or even "/m" to keep 
>> the file names as short as possible.

This didn't fixed the problem - still the same problem. btw /mnt/files/ is 
from the string length the same as /usr/ports/ which is the default 

mkout -- version: 1.7
idlc @/tmp/mkMQbTxq
idlc: compile 'Exception.idl' ...
idlc: could not create registry file 
idlc: cannot remove directory 
idlc: detected 1 errors
Sun Microsystems (R) idlc Version 1.1 

dmake:  Error code 1, while making 
'---* *---' 

ERROR: Error 65280 occurred while making 
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'build_instsetoo_native'
'---* *---'
*** Error code 255 

Stop in /usr/ports/editors/
Exit 1

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