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Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Thu Oct 26 08:00:37 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-Oct-25 18:49:34 -0700, Peter Thoenen wrote:
>> Sorry, but the Firefox 2.0 release was too late to be included in
>> FreeBSD 6.2.
>Is it really that late?  Firefox is something new uesrs look for /
>expect and it has a large enough view that we might want to think about
>including it.

Similar requests occur just before every release.  FreeBSD has nearly
16,000 ports at present.  If the Project delayed its releases to
include the latest version of every port that was upgraded just after
the cutoff then the release would never occur.  The Project has made
a decision to draw a line in the sand and only move it for critical
issues (if there was a major security hole reported in an important
port then things might get delayed to include a fix).

There are over 200 other ports that have Firefox listed as a
dependency.  Firefox 2.0 is presumably a major upgrade compared to
Firefox 1.5 and it's highly likely that the upgrade would adversely
impact at least one of those other ports - necessitating more last
minute fixes.

Peter Jeremy
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