[Bsd-sharp-list] Mono and it's future on FreeBSD

Phillip Neumann pneumann at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 01:48:07 UTC 2006

El mié, 25-10-2006 a las 14:19 -0400, Tom McLaughlin escribió:
> I've realized that it is time for me to step aside from
> maintaining Mono and running BSD# 

First of all thanks for everything Tom.

Some time after the mono project started, i give it a try and was very
happy to see it actually worked somehow on FreeBSD. From my point of
view, mono is quite interesting and when apropiate, i write some stuff
using it and other .net libs too.

Maybe FreeBSD is not part of the strategy plan of novell, but i think
they _are_ interersted in making its product work everywhere. That, plus
some 'little FreeBSD developers help', makes the future of mono on
FreeBSD feseable.

Im insterested and motivated to keep all the bsd-sharp repository
usable, up to date and more or less complete.

The thing i see more difficult, is how to effectively make the bsd#
ports tree flow into the FreeBSD one. If there is no commiter interest
(until now Tom), eventually PR would be stucked. But from the other
point of view, as mono is now part of GNOME, the GNOME guys could manage
this :-]

Hope to help,



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