Gnome 2.16 upgrade failed (yeah, I read /usr/src/UPDATING)

Clint Olsen clint at
Tue Oct 17 22:58:21 UTC 2006

I ran the exact commands specified in the UPDATING file, and I eventually

** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
        ! devel/py-gobject (py24-gobject-2.10.1)        (new compiler error)
        ! graphics/py-cairo (py24-cairo-1.0.2_1)        (new compiler error)
        ! devel/py-orbit (py24-orbit-2.14.1)    (new compiler error)
        ! textproc/gnome-doc-utils (gnome-doc-utils-0.6.1)      (new compiler error)
        * misc/gnome-user-docs (gnomeuserdocs2-2.14.2)
        ! multimedia/mplayer (mplayer-0.99.8_3) (install error)
        ! www/mozilla (mozilla-1.7.13,2)        (bad C++ code)
        ! devel/libglade2 (libglade2-2.6.0)     (new compiler error)

Amongst a number of other skipped port messages...


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