ruby18 won't install, gets stuck in 'sread'

Jacques S. offbyone at
Thu Oct 5 14:19:09 PDT 2006

> On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 12:53:45PM +0200, Jacques S. wrote:
>> The problem I have now is that I cannot get the latest Ruby18 port will 
>> not install in one of the FreeBSD systems I look after. 
>> Computer in question is a very old box: (i386/Pentium III Xeon/Celeron) 
>> with very little memory. FreeBSD is version 5.5p8
> Hi.
> I recently (a few days ago) sent a pr about a problem with ruby: it
> uses *lots* of RAM to generate some "RDOC" during install, and it
> will cause some memory problems with old computers.
> Stanislav Sedov commited this week a new version of the port which has
> an option to disable doc generation, and now ruby installs quickly on
> small computers.
> Yvan.

Hello, Yvan.
Thanks for your quick and helpful response to my op.
Thanks, too, for already having taken constructive action to solve the 
problem (and to Mr. Sedov for re-jigging the port in this way).

I just ran 'make install' of the current ruby18 port, on the computer 
that was giving me trouble. I was able to choose the options appropriate 
   for the computer in question, including "WITHOUT_RDOC=true", and the 
up-to-date version of ruby18 installed successfully, in less than 

Nice move.



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