ports/devel/icu: PTHREAD_LIBS clean

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at be-well.ilk.org
Wed Nov 29 07:50:54 PST 2006

Mikhail Teterin <mi+kde at aldan.algebra.com> writes:

> On Wednesday 29 November 2006 09:06, Norikatsu Shigemura wrote:
> = > but library may also be not using threads _at all_. -lm, for example, is 
> = > happily used by many threaded programs without itself being thread-aware.
> = 
> =         I understand your ideal, think so too.  However, in fact, it is
> =         unrealistic environment:-(.
> Norikatsu, this is not some unreachable ideal (libm is not). If no application 
> is calling into a library from multiple threads in parallel, that library 
> need not be thread-aware.

In that case, it doesn't even need to be thread-safe.  libm is
supposed to be thread-safe, but has no need to be thread-aware.

ICU is different in that not only can it be called from multiple
threads, but those threads can (in theory -- as far as I know, you're
right that nobody uses this capability right now) be interacting.
> You are (slightly) pessimizing your installation by building a thread-aware 
> ICU without having a need for it...

On the other hand, that could change at any time.  

Think of all the other programmers in the world as independent
threads, that could use the API in new ways...  ;-)

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