SCons build, help needed

Alexander Botero-Lowry alexbl at
Tue Nov 28 23:47:24 PST 2006

> Alex, thanks for your reply. stiv @ blender forums pointed me to the 
> sixth paragraph in the SCons' manual:
> "scons does not automatically propagate the external environment used to 
> execute scons to the commands used to build target files. This is so 
> that builds will be guaranteed repeatable regardless of the environment 
> variables set at the time scons is invoked. ..."
Which is just _absurd_ and horrible. It makes it nearly impossible for
operating systems to legitimately package these applications and it makes
for users having applications build in ways that are unexpected and unwanted.
This is one of the larger reasons that XMMS2 is moving towards waf. We've had 
to put a lot of pain into making ourselves integrate well with the various 
packaging systems because of this attitude.

> I don't know how do they want to integrate with other build tools, but 
> the current mechanism in is left at the mercy of each SCons 
> user. What do you think?
What implements is the common case, most SCons using ports that
bother to obey external environment at all follow these patterns;
line to scons (not as part of the external environment). It's called like:
scons CCFLAGS="-O2". 

So is implemented in a way that gets in many scons using ports 
(not all). So the answer to ports that don't obey this pattern is to make them
do so. 


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