The truth about net-im/ymessenger

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Nov 23 11:17:16 PST 2006

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 09:48:38AM -0800, Eric P. Scott wrote:
> >This is not enough; since it is a 4.x binary it is linked against 4.x
> >versions of those libraries, and if you try and run the binary on a
> >modern version of FreeBSD then it will fail, since those libraries are
> >incompatible with their 4.x analogues.
> I just want to make it clear we're talking about two different
> binaries:

Yep, and everything I said also applies to the 5.x binary when running
on 6.x and above.  It may even apply to running it on later 5.x
releases (e.g. >= 5.3), if it's a binary built against an older

> Would it be possible (hypothetically) to do something like this
> in the Makefile?
> DISTNAME=	# set below
> .if ${OSVERSION} < 500000
> .if ${OSVERSION} < 490102
> IGNORE=		requires libmap functionality
> .endif
> .else
> .if ${OSVERSION} >= 600000
> LIB_DEPENDS+=	c.5:${PORTSDIR}/misc/compat5x
> .endif
> .endif
> Is FreeBSD 5.5 / 5-STABLE considered "beyond hope" at this point?

It's also a "legacy" branch although termination of support is not
scheduled yet.  FreeBSD 6.x is the active branch that is receiving
most user attention and developer support, so a port that does not
work on 6.x is doomed to irrelevance by the tide of history :-)

If someone confirms that the 5.x binary still does actually work on
5.x, then a variation of your above could be added.  The variation
needed would be to keep it BROKEN on 6.0 and above, where neither
version of the binary works.


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