portupgrade, apache2/apache22, php4/php5

Harlan Stenn Harlan.Stenn at pfcs.com
Mon Nov 13 10:35:11 PST 2006

Thanks Bill,

> Using portupgrade's -o option, you can replace on port with another.
> For example:
> portupgrade -o www/apache22 apache
> Will replace whatever version of apache you've got installed with
> Apache-2.2, including rearranging any required dependencies so they
> point to the new port.  Usually, when I have problems with portupgrade
> like you describe, it's because some already installed port requires
> something I don't want as a dependency.  The above trick has fixed it
> every time for me.

Will this "keep" across a "make update", or do I need to re-do it every
time I update /usr/ports?


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