Cannot successfully import firefox setting, keeps asking again (Was: problems building firefox)

Mike Hunter mhunter at
Fri Jan 20 15:43:53 PST 2006


I've gotten past the build problem and I now have firefox 1.5 installed.

I am up against another minor problem:  It keeps asking me to import my
setting from another (previous) version, and it says it did so
successfully, but when the bookmarks don't show up and it asks me the same
question again when I fire it up.

I remembered reading about this situation and I fired up firefox as root;
this works but when I go back to my regular account it keeps asking the
questions....actually, to be more precise, if I run it with sudo, it has
the bookmarks I want, but if I ssh -X -Y root at localhost and run it, it
doesn't have them (which makes sense since that's a different $HOME.)

Any suggestions?  rm -rf .mozilla?

Thanks again for the help,


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