problems building firefox

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Fri Jan 20 11:33:12 PST 2006

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:53:35 -0800 Mike Hunter wrote:

> I have a feeling the answer to my question is "use portupgrade!" but
> portupgrade is really broken on my machine.

There are some other utils.

> I'm trying to build the latest version of firefox (DISTVERSION=1.5,
> PORTREVISION=5, PORTEPOCH=1), but I am having issues:

> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> gmake[2]: Entering directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla/modules/libimg'
> gmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `png/', needed by `png/Makefile'.  Stop.
> gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla/modules/libimg'
> gmake[1]: *** [tier_9] Error 2
> gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla'
> gmake: *** [default] Error 2
> *** Error code 2

> Stop in /usr/ports/www/firefox.

> ---------------------------------------------------------------

> I've tried upgrading libimg and gnu-autotools but I have not had success.

Seems that you should upgrade a graphics/png port. If that won't help
you may be interested at:

$ cd /usr/ports/www/firefox
$ make all-depends-list

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