Ruby 1.8.4 and Rails problems

UEDA Hiroyuki bsdmad at
Thu Jan 19 16:09:00 PST 2006

2006/1/20, James Earl <james at>:
> It was actually this latest update that seemed to break things for me.
>  I was running Ruby 1.8.4 around the beginning of the week without any
> problems.  It was just after I updated another server running Rails
> apps yesturday that I started having problems.  I then updated my
> desktop computer's Ruby port today to see if it would also break my
> Rails apps, and it did.

I have heard some application which doesn't use mod_ruby also dumps core
with latest ruby ports. The ruby was enabled pthreads and after disabling
pthreads with "--WITHOUT_PTHREADS=yes", the application have worked

So maybe your problem will be solved by rebuilding ruby with

UEDA "BSD mad" Hiroyuki <bsdmad at>

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