New /bin/sh based script to manage ports

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Jan 14 16:50:31 PST 2006

Doug Barton wrote:

> the more I think about it the more I 
> think it makes sense to do it in this order for the 'update all' case:
> 1. ports that have no dependencies (roots)
> 2. ports that have dependencies, and are depended on (branches?)
> 3. ports that have dependencies, and are not depended on (leaves)

Turns out I was missing one category. After roots there needs to be a 
category for ports that have no dependencies themselves, but are depended 
on. I am calling them 'trunks' to torture the tree analogy even further. :)

I just uploaded a new version of portmaster that has this implemented for 
the "update all" case. Thanks again for this suggestion, I think it's a good 

BTW, where the typical case of updating or installing a single port is 
concerned, going from the top down is the right thing to do, since 
dependencies will vary depending on OPTIONS chosen. However, for the case of 
updating all the ports that are already installed, your suggestion is a 
welcome optimization.



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