building apxs aware packages from ports

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Hi Scot,

Thanks for the quick reply.

That's how I thought it worked too, however that does not appear to be the

# pkg_add php4-4.4.1_3.tgz
pkg_add: could not find package apache-1.3.34_3 !

This is the same problem I ran into when I was using pkg_add -r ... it is
setting up php4 in a way that is not compatible with
apache+mod_ssl-1.3.34+2.8.25 (which is the apache version I am using). Maybe
I am not understanding something that needs to be done with make and the
dependencies? Or any other idea how to get around this problem?


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> Hello All,
> I am in a situation where NFS is not available to me and I am trying to
> build apxs aware packages from a central ports tree for use on multiple
> virtual private servers... I know that when you do a 'make install' from
> ports, it goes out and detects what apxs is available, confirms version of
> apache based on that, and then builds ... how can you get the same apxs
> effect with 'make package' ? Or is there another alternative that would
> accomplish the same result?
As long as the virtual servers and the package building server have
the same version of Apache installed using 'make package' to create
the package (1), and then using pkg_add on the virtual servers to add
the package(s) should work.

NOTE: 1. you'll also need to ensure that all depending ports have
their packages built.

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